MYBET88 emphasises on the safety of our members, the speed of transactions, and professionalism of our customer service. Through many years of experience, we have understood our members better and provide a premium experience that rewards loyalty. We welcome all our members to take part in this VIP program, specially designed for you.

At MYBET88, our members come first. We are offering a VIP program that rewards our valued members, who have placed their loyalty with our trusted brand. The multi-tiered VIP program offers rewards, bonuses, gifts, benefits, superior customer experience, and so much more. Achieve a higher tier and unlock bigger rewards as well as special gifts. Take full advantage of these amazing offerings by being part of the MYBET88 VIP program.

Your experience and satisfaction matter to us. Upgrade your membership today and become a VIP at MYBET88.


Participation in our VIP program and upgrade of membership level is as simple as achieving the deposit requirement within the specific time period. Enjoy the hassle-free and no-questions asked policy by us, as we believe in privacy of our members and wish to respect their anonymity to the best of our ability.





How do I become a MYBET88 VIP member?
Your membership level will be upgraded automatically once you achieve the deposit requirement within the aforementioned timeframe

How is my deposit amount being calculated?
Your deposit amount is calculated by totalling up all the deposits that you have made for the past 30 days

Will I lose my VIP membership if I have become inactive for some time?
Yes, if your total accumulated deposit for the past 6 months is lower than the required deposit amount for current tier, your membership level will be downgraded to the tier based on all the deposits you have made for the past 6 months.

When can I start enjoying the benefits as a MYBET88 VIP member?
Our VIP members are entitled to enjoy all the benefits as soon as they qualify and successfully upgraded their membership level to become a VIP on the day itself.

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